HealthExchange is an all-inclusive solution built to manage and automate all your health insurance needs.


Hundreds of Providers/HMOs

Providers/HMOs use our platform to power their services and we are onboarding a lot more.

Access HMO/Providers services

From enrollee onboarding, to automated authorisation and even raising claims etc, we’ve got you covered.

Save time and money

You save time and money on calls, treatments and claims reconcilliation etc. on our application.

24 Hours careline for support

We are always available to support you, right from the onboarding process.


Ease of Commununication

Our system offers ease of communication between the HMOs, Providers and Enrollees

  • HMO can have more than one tariff plans that caters for the different subset of providers
  • Providers can log into the system and request for authorization for treatment and the HMO recieves notifications to take action
  • Raising of claims by providers and verification/approval by HMOs becomes easier as providers registered treatments based on the tariff plan they belong to
  • Communication flow between customers/enrollees and HMOs is enhanced

We offer a whole more benefits to speed up the process flow. To find out more, go ahead and login/register here

Cost Reduction and Eliminate Data Loss

We also offer other benefits such as

  • Cost reduction as there will be a reduction of paper based documents
  • Data loss is also eliminated as information is captured real time from any location and stored in a secured central location
  • Authorised information can also be accessed from any location

Robust Reporting

And we also offer these benefits

  • Provision of robust reporting and dashboard system to aid effective decision making
  • Organisation user management policies can be easily setup and administered

We offer a whole more benefits to speed up the process flow. To find out more, go ahead and login/register here

Other Awesome


Enrollee onboarding (Employee / Private)

Sending of compiled fee for service list via mail

Generate enrollee id and authorization codes based on your pre-defined rules

Option to make claim settlements online via a payment gateway

Join HealthExchange

Whether you are a private enrollee or an organisation seeking to sign up with your preferred HMO(s) or a Provider who wants to partner with more HMOs or a HMO seeking solutions that allow for easy and fast operations, we have you covered


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